About Us

If there is one commitment that you can make in the coming weeks and months, it is to live a healthier lifestyle. We always sit down and make resolutions during the new year, only to throw them away a few weeks later. The truth is that if you care about your life, you will want to make a commitment to taking care of your body for every single day of your life. It is the thing that is sustaining you in this world – which is why you have to make sure that you are taking care of it in the best possible way.

Our site is dedicated to spreading the truth about a healthy lifestyle. We not only want to be healthier ourselves, but we also want to help others get on that path. Every single person who writes for the site or works on it has gone through their own journey with health and wellness. Some of us smoked, others were overweight and some loved to drink too much. We each found our way to wellness at a different time – but we did nonetheless. It is why our site is special – we are health enthusiasts providing news and information to others who want to join us.

We have a special focus on gut health, because the way that food is digested in your body plays such a pivotal role in your everyday health. We also look at other areas for living a healthy lifestyle, such as cardiovascular exercise, weight training, sports, weight loss and more. We want to provide a total picture to anyone who may be curious about how they can go towards health and wellness.

Our site is not a judgment zone, as we are not in the position to tell anyone how to live their life. We merely want to provide the information so that others can make the best decisions about their future!