Did You Know These Four Things Harm Your Gut?

As we become more aware about the habits and foods that damage our gut, there is a lot more understanding about what to do and not do. People realize that eating a lot of fried food is bad. Some even know that red meat is not good for your gut. They are aware that if you are eating a lot of refined sugar, it will not be positive for your body. But some habits are a little harder to define as positive or negative. We look at four surprising things that may be harming your gut.

1. Desk Jobs

Sitting down on your desk all day is not going to help your body at all. Many studies have shown that if you sit around all the time, you are contributing to an eventual heart attack.

But it is not only your cardiovascular system that has problems when you are excessively sedentary. You will also cause problems for your digestive system and gut. Studies have shown that you will be at higher risk of IBS and gut problems if you are sedentary.

The best thing that you can do to counteract the issue is to get up every 45 or 50 minutes, stretch for five minutes and then sit back down. Walk around, move your arms and legs, and circulate your blood properly. It will help your gut health significantly.

2. Chewing Gum

Most people assume that gum is something that is harmless, especially if it is sugar free. But did you know that chewing gum can cause problems for your body? It produces a lot of stomach acid, which can harm your gut.

When you chew gum, your body gets a signal to produce stomach acid as there will be something to digest. But nothing goes inside. The result is that your gut mechanisms will be negatively impacted if you are chewing gum all the time!

3. Juicing

If you are committed to having a lot of fruits and vegetables, consider moving from juicing to blending. When you use a juicer, you are only getting the liquid from your fruits and vegetables. All the fibrous elements are kept out of your drink.

The problem is that fiber is what your gut needs to help with digestion. It is one of the best aspects of fruits and vegetables. If you think that clear juice is going to give you all the nutrients you need, you are mistaken.

It is much better if you blend your fruits and vegetables. So long as all that fiber is still there, you will be fine.

4. Eating a Boring Diet

If your diet consists of the same foods every day, with little variety, your gut will not benefit. Even if most of those foods are good for your body, you do not need the same items going into your stomach every single day. Some variety is necessary.

Get protein from different sources every few days. Change up the fruits and vegetables you are eating. Pick a different source of grains. It will promote healthy and diverse bacteria in your gut!

Now that you are aware of these four problematic steps that you may be taking in your life, you can try to make a few changes. It does not mean you have to stop doing all four things. Even a couple changes in the right direction can help your gut in a significant way.